Changing table 70x50cm

29,95 IVA inc.

Very padded changing mat for the baby. It can be used on a table, on a dresser or on a changing table. The approximate use time of the Changing Table is 0/12 months with a maximum weight of 11 kg. The side parts of the changing table are raised to help the baby to stay embedded and not to tip over, in any case, never leave the baby without the supervision of an adult and avoid direct exposure to the sun or heat sources. It is recommended not to support the weight of the adult on the changing table. To clean the changing table, it is only necessary to wipe with a damp cloth, without using detergents or chemical products. Composition: All materials are non-toxic and free of phthalates. Regulations: This changing table complies with the European regulations UNE EN12221-1 / 2: 2009 (+ A1: 2013) and EN71
Made in Spain
Measurements: 50 x 70 cm / height 8cm and 4cm
* To give it a more comfortable finish, we recommend our changing mat covers.

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